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Have you ever given a thought about various profound WordPress plugins for boosting up your business into next higher level? Well if not, then let me introduce you guys with numerous advance WordPress plug-ins that will significantly mold you into enhancing your business growth as well it will further improve user management process by letting you work with numerous of business contact forms with a proper track record of a wide number of incoming business message forms.

customer relationship management wordpress plugins

WordPress officially comes with a wide number of basic and advance user management functionalities with different number of WP-CRM tools that encourage users to work with WordPress functionalities efficiently and helping them out to organize and customize numerous of WordPress content attributes, its filtering process with a proper track record of various WordPress advance working features.


WordPress plugins can effectively be put into use to enable every user, manage numerous of unique customer queries, vendors system, business partnerships, business affiliates as well as many working with wide number of WordPress functionalities.


Scopes of working with various WordPress plug-in tools

  • Excellent user management system
  • Content filtering
  • Content editing with WordPress editor
  • Efficiently appending various user data management attributes such as Company Name.
  • Dynamic chart representation methodologies by accessing WordPress quantifiable data tool.
  • Work with contact forms for front-end designing.
  • Manage various
  • Work with Group notifications add-ons.
  • Maintain user CSV is exporting tool.
  • Access user activity feeds as well as note tracking systems.
  • WP-Invoice integration.


Apart from above mentioned WordPress CRM, here are few advance WordPress plugin features to work with:

  • It helps you easily import different and unique contact numbers by Accessing it from Google, Outlook as well as Excel sheet right into the vCita WordPress CRM tool in just a few seconds.
  • WordPress CRM tool lets you export all types of leads as well as essential contacts right into your CSV files.
  • Generate business leads as much as you can from your WordPress site.
  • WordPress CRM tool offers full flexibility to work with a unlimited number of custom field sections based on every client’s record on your CRM tool.
  • Helps you efficiently view complete client communication history details on your WordPress CRM
  • Easily share and request your most urgent documents right from your CRM WordPress database.
  • Work with WordPress customized invoices and easily get paid faster with online payments
  • Lets you efficiently work with self-service appointment scheduling modes for your clients and encourage users to grab as many appointments as they can in quite less amount of time.


Now let me have a brief introduction about top WordPress CRM tool that offers high flexibility to users to land up their start-up business in greater heights. Here are few of them:-


1. vCita CRM

vCita CRM acts as a sending an email to clients as well as it helps you to grab mobile notifications for a wide number of contact request at the time when your client needs an attention towards a certain task with proper follow-up process. Vista WordPress CRM tool allows a wide number of users to share easily files as a part of their conversation mode anywhere anytime with numerous of previously existing clients and keeps a track record of every client’s important documents on the WordPress CRM tool.

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2. CiviCRM

CiviCRM tool acts as a non-profit as well as civic-sector organizations for various CMS tools such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress and is actively known for its high flexibility to manage events, content perfection, fundraisers by co-ordinating with various types of brand campaigning process. Well, developers worked hard to develop WordPress functionalities into a highly robust and efficient CRM tool. CiviCRM being known for its high advantage of offering its original content work, the software is totally free to work by further encouraging users to develop, design and build out their tailor fit CRM solution with optimized results. CiviCRM is quite renowned for its powerful software package that offers a wide number of WordPress users out of the box ideas and also is one of the greatest ways ever to store and keep a proper track of your clients as well as your business needs that comes all within your WordPress dashboard. WordPress civiCRM offers useful front-end functionalities for numerous of working areas of your sign-up panels by receiving a huge number of contributions. Well, WordPress CiviCRM is not only a powerful tool for your online business but also it helps us to extend your offline activities and various other areas of your business as well as community sectors easily.



Jumping directly on the benefits of WordPress CRM tools, WP-CRM is one of its kind that encourage thousands of users to manage, access and work with high business leads as well as allows them to access every detailed contact information of users. With easy access of customizable forms, WordPress CRM plug-in allows every user to edit, adjust and manage contacts within their WordPress admin panel, where each contact record can easily be grouped according to contact types by enabling users to validate a correspondence thread to help keep track of all types of interactions.


 4. PauPress CRM plug-in

The PauPress WordPress plugin deals with numerous of basic features such as acquiring a basic user details, form creation, a wide capability to create custom fields, strong client organization process, various business reports, huge CRM actions as well as data management process that can often proof to be a tough task to handle for any WordPress beginner than any experienced and professional CRM users. PauPress WordPress CRM plug-in is efficiently blended with various WordPress interface features that make your WordPress a highly efficient tool regarding content management system. PauPress WordPress plug-in version comes with numerous of additional features with combined advance utilities such as MailChimp integration, e-commerce engine, user content submissions, membership and directory features to efficiently manage your business workflows.


5. WordPress Leads CRM plug-in

The WordPress Leads plug-in is one of the most user-friendly tool and is considered as one of the most complete CRM solution for every  WordPress lover as it works in conjunction with WordPress Landing process as well as WordPress Calls to Action methods to enable users to create, develop as well as design a highly powerful business leads with numerous of free lead generation lists for WordPress websites. It’s a CRM tool that comes with a packed solution of everything that is needed by every user from a basic CRM.

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Well, there are various other WordPress plugins that integrate with thousands of other email marketing service providers and premium CRMs, Google Analytics with powerful reporting as well as client analysis tools, track page conversions system, visual graphics form builder, numerous of lead synchronization with other systems, searching functionalities and wide number of detailed client information. Its a complete all-in-one solution for every WordPress users whether they are just a beginner or any experienced one.


Author Biography: Samuel Dawson is a Senior Front End Developer in Designs2html Ltd – a HTML to WordPress theme conversion company. He is a passionate expert cum blogger also who shares different things on the web with his skills and knowledge.