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WordPress installation procedure is a lot simple compared to other CMS’s available online. You just need to extract the zip file contents, configure the settings of your database, upload the necessary files and run the famous “Five Minute WordPress Installation”. But, you to stay prepared to fix some of the most common errors that you’ll most likely encounter post-installation.

Through this post, I’ll make you learn about 5 of the most commonly encountered WordPress installation problems and solutions to fix those issues.

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  1. Failed to receive e-mailed passwords

Did you lose your WordPress install admin login password? Perhaps, you will try entering your password by clicking on the “Lost your password” link. This will take you to a page – that will ask you to provide either your username or email address to get a new password:


wordpress login problem

Once you’ve entered the username or email address, you might fail to receive a new password reset link via email.


You won’t, generally, encounter such a problem when using some hosting service. However, if you don’t have an SMTP server when using your inbox, then the chances are that your mail will never send.



You can either use phpMyAdmin or an FTP client to fix this problem. Let us look at both the solutions:


  • When using phpMyAdmin – Login to the cPanel, and then click on the “phpMyAdmin” option under the Databases section:

wordpress website cpanel problem


Next, choose your current WordPress database. Once you’ve opened your database, navigate to wp_users, and hit the “Browse” link. Next, start looking for your Username. After locating the username, click on Edit.

ftp problem

To reset your password, simply insert your new password into user_pass. And then, from the Function tab click on the drop-down menu and select MD5. And finally, click on the “Go” button provided at the bottom of the page.


  • When using an FTP client – Get logged into your FTP account and download your theme’s functions.php file from the path “../wp-content/yourthemes/(your active theme)/”. Next, open up your functions file and add the below line of code in the next line after the first “<?php” tag:




In this line of code, you’ll have to replace the “New Password” with your password. The “1” is your userID provided in the wp_users table in the database. After making the required edits, upload your functions.php file to your FTP account.

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  1. Warning: Headers already sent errors

Often after making some edits to your configuration file (i.e. wp-config.php) right after WordPress installation, you might see an error message in your browser window that looks something like:

problem to wordpress redirect

This problem usually occurs due to adding extra spaces, or any other form of garbage to your wp-config.php file; or you might have introduced a syntax error in your configuration file.



Below are a few key points you need to focus on fixing this error:

  • Download your wp-config.php file and open in any text editor of your choice.
  • Make sure that the first line of your configuration file does not contain anything more than “<?php”. Besides this, also, ensure that there isn’t any text (or whitespace) before “<?php”.
  • Next, ascertain that the last line in wp-config.php file contains only “?>”, and does not contain any text (or whitespace) after “?>”.
  • Lastly, make sure that your Unicode-enabled text editor does not add byte order mark (BOM).
  • Once you have made all the required edits to the wp-config.php file, save it and upload it to your FTP.


  1. Page displays as gibberish

Often when trying to view any page of your site, it shows gibberish, and includes plenty of <?php ?> tags in the source code. Remember if lots of <?php ?> tags are being sent to a browser, there is a greater possibility that your PHP isn’t working in the right manner. Moreover, all of the PHP code of your WordPress website needs to be executed before your server sends the final HTML markup to the web browser.



This wordpress error most likely occurs when your web server does not meet the requisites for running a WordPress site. So, make sure that the server meets all the requirements to run your WP version. But, if you’re still unable to resolve this issue, you should consider taking help of your hosting provider instead.


  1. 403 error comes when trying to see your site

Even after entering the right username and password, you may still not be able to login to your admin account and will get an error message, as follows:

403 error wordpress



In case you’ve hosted your account on a Windows server, then you might receive 403 (not authorized to view a page) error when there is some issue with the Directory Indexes. When configuring the server, files such as index.htm, index.html, default.html, etc. get loaded by default.

However, WordPress requires PHP compatible file formats. And so, your default page must be saved as index.php. Thus, the index.php file must be a part of the default configuration of your server. This can be achieved by adding your index.php file to the Directory Indexes.

To do so, login into your control panel and click on “Web Options”. Next, navigate to the Directory Indexes section and from there add index.php to the to your Directory Indexes.


  1. Error establishing a connection to your database despite correct configuration

This error is pretty self-explanatory. When you receive this error, it will make you learn that something broke your connection of your WP site with the database.



The best solution to fix this problem is to reset your MySQL password following the manual process. In case you’ve SSH access, simply try issuing:


SET PASSWORD FOR ‘username’@’hostname’ = OLD_PASSWORD(‘youroldpassword’);


You just need to replace the OLD_PASSWORD with PASSWORD, if you’re using an older MySQL version prior to 4.1. But, in case you don’t have SSH (i.e. shell) access, just add the above SQL query in your database (i.e. phpMyAdmin).


Wrapping Up

If you’re a beginner working on a WordPress website development project, then knowing about the above discussed installation problems and their solutions will save a lot of your headache associated with WordPress installation.


Author Biography:

Samuel Dawson is a WordPress professional in Designs2html Ltd, where his duty is to convert website to WordPress theme. The above content written by him shows that how important it is to fix the WordPress installation problems so that you can your website nicely.

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