Proofreading red pencil
Proofreading red pencil

Even the best blogger needs an editor. And even the best content creator could use a little help. Human error and imperfection are facts of life (aggravating ones). But thankfully, technology has advanced in a supportive direction. There are now plenty of tools available to help make you a better blogger.

Creating amazing content is not always simple. You may have a great idea but can’t find the right words. Or you may experience stubborn writers block. No matter what your weaknesses, you must first be able to identify them. You are your first editor and proofreader. And there are plenty of handy options available.

There’s an enormous amount of sources to research and test, but don’t be overwhelmed. We have narrowed a list down to the 10 most effective editing and proofreading tools out there. There are web-based editors, downloadable apps and plugins, each offering it’s own unique features.

  1. StackEdit

StackEdit is a useful and fully customizable markdown editor. It syncs all work to the cloud, dropbox or Google drive and has built-in spell check. The unique editing system will also help users to better visualize their writing, and is even available for use offline.

  1. WordPress Proofreading

WordPress offers a convenient proofreading feature. You can view the proofreader in either the visual or text editor, choose to automatically run the feature (or not) and clearly recognize any highlighted mistakes. Users may also choose display options that better explain why you have a mistake, in turn making you a better writer.

  1. Ninjaessays

Ninjaessays is a writing service that may save you time and wasted efforts. If you are stuck on an idea or confused about your structure, go to Ninjaessays for help. Their professional and qualified editors are also available for proofreading and grammar guidance and can be a useful source if you are working on a deadline. They are also a great option if you prefer a human interaction, rather than one with an application.

  1. Plagtracker

With all the online research bloggers go through, it’s common to worry about plagiarizing any of your written content. Don’t ruin your reputation and career by publishing someone else’s work. Use Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm to be sure your writing is always original and high quality.

  1. Proofread Bot

The Proofread Bot is a simple and extremely user-friendly editor. Type directly in the site (no downloads necessary) and receive automatic notifications of errors. Once you notice a highlighted area, simply hover over the selected word or phrases and review the pop up window. This provides mistake explanations and various customizable options.

  1. AutoCrit

AutoCrit is a fast and honest editor for any blogger. The software is geared towards fiction writers and gives detailed critiques of any writing sample (they even offer a free version). The system will make you a sharper and more analytical thinker, and in turn a more successful writer.

  1. SlickWrite

This powerful and free tool will easily help writers check for grammar, structure and style issues. The web-based editor provides detailed explanations for any highlighted mistakes and will help you make less mistakes in the first place.

  1. WordRake

WordRake is the perfect editor for online writing. The system focuses on tightening and clarifying your posts. The software scans your writing and will help you remove run-on sentences, repetitive information and unclear thoughts. It will save you countless hours of re-editing and will push your skills to the next level.

  1. proofHG

ProofHG is a great place to go for bloggers and business owners alike. If you need to streamline your editing process and improve your productivity, then proofHG is your place. The product offers high levels of security and marketing performance and is an essential tool for serious bloggers.

  1. CKEditor

CKEditor is an easy to use and flexible web-based text editor. It offers inline editing, paste from word abilities and extreme convenience. The community driven application is constantly being updated and upgraded as well. This editor is good for any level of writer to help achieve their best results.

Editing the same article or blog more than once can be difficult. It can be easy to miss mistakes and hard to find new ways to communicate information. However, it is necessary if you wish to reach your highest potential.

And it is even harder to perform multiple (successful) edits when you’re the writer. It’s completely normal to need (and to use) an extra pair of eyes. An outsider’s opinion and expertise is something of great value to every writer.

The resources listed here offer various types of editing and proofreading support. Try them today and find which one suits your specific needs. They may not always be in-person options, but remember, nobody is perfect. We all get by with a little help from our (online) friends.