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Mobile is an inevitable resource that lets one develop a valuable store for customer data. Today, we are dependent on mobile devices for most of our tasks, including simple routine jobs as well as complex business jobs. Thus, boasting a mobile presence has become imperative for companies to drive in great business. With a remarkable mobile presence, you can easily promote your services and products across the globe and augment your business in a great fashion.

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There is no doubt that mobile devices have incessantly become one of the fabulous mediums to deliver an enhanced customer experience. You can use this channel to deliver a valuable customer experience and advertise your brand proficiently. There are many great examples of companies, like Starbucks, that have generated a hefty revenue by investing in a suitable digital marketing strategy. You can also elevate your business ROI and augment your brand value by leveraging your mobile solution.


But, the question that often makes it hard to streamline the digital marketing strategy is that what makes a lucrative choice – a mobile application or mobile advertising. To ferret out a suitable solution, it is worth delving deep into both the approaches.


Let’s explore both the approaches one by one and make a decision accordingly.


Augment UX & Customer Loyalty with Mobile Application

You can target your audience digitally by developing a suitable mobile application. There are myriads of companies across the earth that are reaping the benefits of high-end mobile technology by developing mobile apps. If you will observe the market trends and stats, you will be amazed to have compelling examples of companies that have acquired a gigantic customer base by investing in a competitive price.

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The mobile applications are performing great in the realm of e-commerce. In fact, the advancement in the technology is incessantly enhancing the power of the smart devices. You can purchase almost anything from your handy devices anytime and anywhere; thanks to the top notch applications. It not only benefits consumers, but retailers are also leveraging mobile applications to win customer loyalty and dramatically rev up their profits.


This is not it, e-commerce is just one of the field that are reaping benefits of valuable mobile technology, there are many other businesses that are efficiently promoting their services and products across the globe with an effective and captivating mobile application. The entertaining and engaging applications that offer a great function help boost sales and build loyal customers. Thus, mobile apps can be used as a loyalty program.


Applications can be used to fetch user data, which can be further implemented by companies to deliver better services and solutions. This way you can ensure that your users will return to you in the future. The mobile applications, thus, offer amazing benefits to both businesses and customers.


Spread Awareness with Mobile Advertising

Marketing is essential for almost every business, and mobile advertising is a great way to spread the awareness about your brand and its services across the globe. From the stats and eMarketer reports, it can be observed that the majority of digital marketing is done through mobile advertising. In fact, the analytics have slated, while keeping the skyrocketing popularity of mobile users in mind, which the digital marketing via mobile advertising will further accentuate in the future.

mobile advertising

If you have a budget and wants to improve certain metrics like the chances to get recommended, purchase intent, etc., mobile advertising makes a much sought after choice for most of the businesses. However, a well-designed mobile ad is imperative to promote a business proficiently. There are certain aspects that must be considered to ensure that your ad will rivet potential customers and help augment your business. For instance, a mobile advertisement usually covers only a small part of the screen, thereby, limiting the space for a convenient user interaction. Moreover, unlike mobile applications, mobile advertisements don’t offer the best way to fetch users’ information.


Fortunately, there are several advertising companies that are endeavoring to create a way that makes data sharing a seamless and flawless process for people. For instance, we already have dynamic forms, which are organic to advertisements and make data sharing easier.



Mobile applications offer a fantastic way through which customers can interact with you, on the contrary, mobile marketing can offer a great exposure to your business. It is essential to streamline your priorities and accordingly decide your budget. You might be interested in investing in both the strategies. It is better to scrutinize which approach is more beneficial for your business and accordingly plan the budget for them. It is completely an individual’s choice to either go with mobile application development, mobile marketing, or both. I hope the points deciphered about the two approaches in this article are perfect to help you make a lucrative choice.


Author: Victoria Brinsley is an app developer working with Appsted Ltd, the leading Android app development company which delivers most comprehensive mobile application solutions. She loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, Android development processes.