wordpress fixing

WordPress visual editor problem is a common phenomena to those who are working with wordpress for a decent time. Almost all of the wp users has experienced the problem atleast once in their WP life time. To be honest, a noobie get freaked out when they find that visual editor is not working properly in the wordpress post editor. Well, cool down buddy… it has a very simple solution compared to the complexity of the problem!

Common visual editor problems faced by the wordpress users

If your wordpress visual editor is not working properly then you might be facing one of the following two problems.

  1. Visual editor is showing white blank page where no texts are shown, but when switched to text editor the texts can be seen.

wp visual editor problem blank white page


2. WordPress editor is locked to text editor and when tried to switch it to visual editor it doesn’t work. Looks like its locked and can’t switch to visual editor!

wp visual editor problem text editor

So… How to fix the visual editor?

There also can be other visual editor problems but in most cases you can fix this easily by checking the active wordpress plugins. Here are 4 simple steps to fix your wp visual editor:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and deactivate all plugins.
  2. Go back to your visual editor and check if its fixed. You should find the visual editor working great!
  3. Reactivate your plugins one by one and find out the culprit plugin causing the conflict.
  4. Deactivate and delete the culprit plugin replacing it with a similar plugin without conflicting visual editor.