WordPress without a doubt is the most credible content management system on the internet. It simplifies the web development process and allows people to build highly interactive websites with ease.

According to the survey, over 75 million of websites are using WordPress CMS all around the nation. Most of the business organizations and webmasters prefer WordPress for building dynamic sites from scratch.

It comes with an intuitive interface and user-friendly functionality to let you start off your first online venture with ease. It offers a ton of high-quality plugins, allowing users to extend the functionality of their site anytime. But, the best thing about the WordPress is that it offers thousands of beautiful and purpose-oriented themes. With the help of themes, you can enhance the overall look and feel of your web design, without even generating a single line of code.

Website owners always look for a unique and eye-catching WordPress theme that can represent their brand value across the internet. In fact, you can find couples of reliable companies who are providing outstanding themes for your WordPress site.

Note: ThemeForest , Studio Press (Genesis), Elegant Themes, WooThemes are some of the best WordPress theme providers. You can also buy or install a theme from the official WordPress theme directory.

How to find the perfect theme for your website

Choosing a perfect theme from the pool becomes quite challenging. If you are searching for the most relevant theme for your WordPress site, then you should read this post.

Today, we will share the 6 most fruitful tips that can help you in finding the best theme for your WordPress project.

Let’s begin!


  1. Responsive Design

Responsive Design

In today’s technological era, people making the use of mobile devices to surf or browse the internet.  In fact, the percentage of mobile visitors has shown a tremendous growth and this approach encouraged web designers to design a responsive WordPress theme that will look incredible on different devices and screen sizes, such as Computer desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones.

Choosing a WordPress theme with a responsive layout will help you in delivering an enhanced user experience to both the desktop as well as mobile visitors. It can take your site to the next level. In fact, this will help in driving more traffic and boost your ranking on search engine platforms.

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  1. Validated coding

Validated coding

A well-coded theme allows Google and other search engines to crawl and index your site quite quickly and easily. And the W3C validated coding ensures that performance of your site. According to a survey, a visitor will leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This means performance matters a lot.

Installing a theme with optimized and validated coding can improve the performance of your site. Plus, the optimized coding makes it easy for you to organize the manifold elements of your web design with ease.

So, before buying any theme check out its authenticity and validated coding.


  1. Robust Customer Support

Robust Customer Support

It is always better to buy a WordPress theme from a reliable WordPress theme provider who can offer you the top-class customer support.  An authentic service provider offers a long-term support to their customers. You can ask anything related to the installation or customization of a theme.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a reputed organization and for that, you can join a community website. For an example, A WordPress community helps you in finding the most suitable and reliable theme for you


  1.  SEO-friendly


In the current scenario, a site should be SEO optimized in order to increase ranking of a site in search engine pages such as Google or Bing. A website owner needs to ensure whether it is easy to add the SEO-friendly keywords in titles and URLs, modifying meta description etc.

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A well-coded theme can help you a lot in boosting the ranking o your site. But for effective results, it would be better if you integrate a theme along with the SEO based plugin. However, a theme should be cross browser compatible so it can work smoothly on multiple browsers, without any hassle.


  1. Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

This is also an essential feature that you need to look out while choosing a perfect theme for your site.

Most of the site owners are making the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, etc to promote their site. Social media is one of the most popular platforms where billions of people all around the world interact with each other. So, you can gain the interest of potential customers for your site with the social media integration.

This, it is essential for you to choose a WordPress theme that comes with excellent social media features. With the help of social media icon, you can easily expand the customer base effectively of your site.


  1. Quick and Easy Navigation structure

Quick and Easy Navigation structure

The navigation structure plays a significant role in delivering the soothing user-experience. A beautifully designed navigation structure allows the user to see multiple web pages of your site with ease.

However, you can use the navigation structure according to your business needs. But always remember that a good navigation always helps in boosting conversion rate of your WordPress site.


Wrapping up

These are the six simple yet effective tips that will help you in finding the best and most relevant WordPress theme for your website. Don’t hesitate in following these tips and please share your reviews on this blog post.


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