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Content writers do not become skilled overnight. It requires dedication, innovation and practice to create outstanding content. And this rarely happens alone. Every writer needs an editor and every human being is imperfect.

It’s natural to make mistakes. So how can you be positive that your content is always on point? Look towards technology for assistance. There are plenty of tools and resources available today that can aid writers in their quest for perfection.

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First assess your own weaknesses. Then review the following tips and tools to push your writing to the next level.



writing tips

Below are some useful tips that’ll help you write awesome content.

  1. Write every single day. – The more you write, the better your writing will be. And the more you write, the more inspired you will find your writing. It’s one of the oldest rules in the writer’s handbook for a reason; it works. Practice makes perfect.


  1. Do not write to impress. – Place your egos to the side and stop writing to impress. You may want to write a well-received and original novel someday, but while writing online content you must write so that your readers understand. Use big words or detailed explanations and viewers will move on and away from your piece of writing.


  1. Use humor. – Humor is always the best way to relate to viewers. However it can be one of the hardest habits to form. Not everyone is funny. But the more you practice using humor (even with the tough stuff) the more relatable and connected your writing will be.


  1. Always remain in research mode. – To truly reach your fullest potential you must always be learning. Have a great idea while riding the train to work? Jot it down. Scroll across something interesting on your social media feed this morning? Save it to your research tool.


  1. Use your own voice. – Do not imitate your favorite writers. Use their creative voices and let it inspire your own. Find your unique voice by reading your writing aloud. Does it sound like something you would be saying? Does it sound natural? If so, you are on the right track.


  1. Stay on point. – It can be easy to let our minds wander when writing. The brain is working hard and there is endless information accessible. Turn off the noise and remain focused on the goal of your writing. While editing make sure your writing focuses on one central idea (not two, not three, just one).


  1. Spend time on your title. – They say first appearances are everything and in content writing this definitely holds weight. Your title is what will catch reader’s attention. You need them to be intrigued enough by the title to read the article it contains. Take your time, use your creativity and find a title that clicks.



writing tools

Hemingway –When writing for the web you want to aim for Hemingway’s style. Short, sweet and to the point. The online editor will highlight various issues like hard to read sentences, alternative phrasing and adverb usage. And its overall readability score is extremely useful. Check Hemingway Review.


Evernote – This organization tool is a great choice for busy content writers. The app integrates on all devices and allows users to save information from online articles, photos, video and audio files or even personal documents all in one place for easy access. Read Evernote Review here.


Essaymama – This professional writing service is composed of certified professionals that assist writers who feel stuck with structure, ideas, punctuation or grammar. Their editors’ work on tight deadlines and the site even offers a blog full of inspiration. Check EssayMama Review here.


Hubspot Blog Top Generator – Hubspot’s topic generator is a helpful when discovering your title. There are certain titles structure that work well for online content and it cab be difficult to come up with unique titles consistently. Enter 3 nouns into the generator and see 5 generated ideas and repeat as many times as you like.


Cliché Finder – Sometimes adding humor is simple and sometimes it can seem impossible. But clichés are clichés for a reason; they reach everyone on a human level. They are phrases we all know and love and they usually add a sense of relatability to your writing.


You will likely deal with writers block and grammar mistakes, but with these tools in place you will find yourself making fewer mistakes and having more time to complete your daily tasks.


Think of content creation as an ever-evolving area. As communication and technology expand, information is added to the database. There is always something new to learn and new ways to perceive ideas. Try some today and watch as your writing improves.


Guest Author:  Julie Petersen is a private English language tutor, a content marketing specialist and a contributor to such websites as LifeOptimizer, SocialMediaWeek, FreelanceWrite.About, etc. Besides, she runs her own essay writing blog AskPetersen.