Have you ever tried facebook to market your products?

As a powerful social media marketing platform, Facebook is dominating as a key component. Because of its marketing power, you cannot afford to ignore this channel.

Strategies to Market Your Products on Facebook

If you want to market your products on Facebook, you always have to come with fresh ideas and new content for your company’s Facebook page.

Trying Facebook with smart ideas will increase your chance to engage your audience. The accompanying Facebook marketing strategies will help your marketing efforts.

Strategy #1: Perfect Timing

While obviously, it depends on your crowd, your content and your general goal, the planning of your Facebook post is something to genuinely consider. Investigate your target audience, and note the points you expect to reach. For instance, if your potential customer is a housewife, the best time to contact her will most likely be different from that of a single guy.

An incredible approach to make sense of what times work best is posting at different times and see what works for you. According to the study of Adweek, the greatest days to post to Facebook are Thursday and Friday, with engagement rates dropping 3.5 percent below normal from Monday to Wednesday. This research also shows that 1 PM is the best time to post for shares and 3 PM to 5 PMĀ the best time to post for clicks.

Strategy #2: Start Making More Connection

If you have no connection, then what is the benefit of posting on time! Luckily, Facebook has tools to help you build your connection.

To start with, look at the “Build Audience” tool found in your Page’s Admin menu. You’ll discover choices to welcome both your Facebook companions and email contacts to like and follow your Page.

Customary advertising procedures can help you develop your audience beyond your current following. That implies publicizing your Facebook Page’s Web address on signs in your store, on your business card, in messages you send, and on other marketing materials for your business.

You can create a simple and significant URL for your Facebook Page from the start. So it will be easier to promote your products on your page in the future.

Strategy #3: Create Fill in the Blank Post

This type of Facebook post is a type of question posts that is compelling at getting your Fans to participate in your Facebook Page, and discussing your products and services. These sorts of posts are for the most part one sentence, with a blank line for your Followers and Fans to finish.

Here’s a “fill in the blank” case from Coca-Cola. They used a branded picture of a coke truck. They also used an Instagram channel to give it a hot summer feeling.

Strategy #4: Add Exclusive Images

You have presumably heard it over and over, yet the advantages of adding pictures to your Facebook posts can’t be accentuated enough. As Angie Pascale of Clickz clarifies, “Photographs get 53 percent a bigger number of preferences on Facebook than the normal post and 84 percent more connection snaps.” In a similar post, Pascale offers the accompanying seven extremely accommodating tips for your Facebook pictures:

  • Share pictures of genuine individuals
  • Empower short responses
  • Concentrate on appearances
  • Be brief
  • Make image galleries

Strategy #5: Connect with Your Audience with Coupons

Facebook additionally offers few marketing tools for the business users

Facebook Offers is an exclusive tool that enables you to make coupons that can be reclaimed in your store or on the web. For a fee, you can have Facebook push your offer onto the news feeds of clients who don’t as of now following your business. By designing a budget plan you decide what number of clients will see your offer.

Facebook promoted Posts enable you to help the visibility of any Page update. For an expense, your post will show up close to the highest point of news feeds having a place with potential clients and customers.

Strategy #6: Like versus Share Post

A “like versus share” post is a smart way to attract your client and customers. Make a picture of two of your items, and make a “like versus share” symbol. Request that your Fans pick their most loved item by either preferring or sharing your post.

Here’s a case from Walmart. They are advancing their NBA shirts during the NBA finals, by soliciting their Fans which from the two groups they support. Fans “like” one decision, and “share” the other. In only 18 hours, this post had more than 21,000 communications with their Fans.

Strategy #7: Polls

SFacebook polls are a really simple route for your Fans to connect with your Page. Surveys about your items get Fans discussing your items. Ask a question, and give item decisions as alternatives.

In this case, Target solicits “what’s the official aroma from summer?”. The four decisions they offer are altogether identified with items they offer.

Strategy #8: Caption This Post

This type of post includes requesting that your Fans subtitle a picture or short video, you have posted. Utilize your item in your post to get individuals pondering your products.

Here’s a case from National Geographic, where they are requesting that their Facebook Fans subtitle a picture from a Photo Contest they had run. In only 47 minutes, they had more than 20,000 cooperations with their Fans.

Strategy #9: Host Facebook Contests

If there are anything fans and followers adore, it’s free stuff. The excite of conceivably getting something for free is an awesome motivation, and would in all likelihood have minimal real cost for your business when contrasted and the web-based social networking and brand awareness result.

Strategy #10: Sponsored Events

In the event that your business supports events, utilize this to post photographs of it on your Facebook Page, and incorporate pictures of your products.

Red Bull is very splendid at utilizing supported occasions to advance their drink. They post their occasions from around the globe on their Facebook Page as well: