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About WordPress Sliders

It is no happenstance that the vast majority of WordPress themes appear to support some slider functionalities directly out of the box.

The main questions tend to lie at why this is happening and why we do have most site owners, as well as internet users, have gone crazy with sliders.

To my opinion, it is a question of first impressions. Website background images are more engaging to view than texts, as well as the moving parts of sliders making the site feel more dynamic as well as interactive. Therefore, creating killer first impressions will make visitors spend more of their time on an individual’s website, read their content, in addition to buying their suggested products, which sounds awesome – right? You can find many WordPress design and development inspiration here.

In this article, we will run through some of the best WordPress slider plugins you can look out for in 2017. Thus, to also appeal to all the budget levels, we will also include a mixed list of free as well as premium options.

Therefore, all slider plugins featuring in this article are fully responsive that means they will look stunning on every sized device.

Best WordPress Slider plugins

  1. Soliloquy


To start with, Soliloquy has proved its worth among other sliders on the market. For people who their priority lies on performance, this is one of the best WordPress slider plugins that they will ever need.

Subsequently, moving on to the next aspect, usability, the plugin incorporates an organized, bloat-free user interface that is incredibly intuitive. Hence, this accounts for its frictionless slider-building process, which means that one can have great-looking slides created within minutes.

The slider plugin boasts deeper levels of customization options, too, encompassing approximately 120 configurable hooks as well as filters, image dimensions, and slide durations. Users can customize their slider’s appearance with various stylish skins as well as transition styles.

Subsequently, users in need for more advanced slider functionalities can consider getting the main plugin, which is available with Personal licenses that cost $19, which can work on one site.

All in all, Soliloquy is regarded as user-friendly, powerful as well as versatile. Users can also get the free Soliloquy Lite version from the WordPress repository just to test its functionality before buying the product.

  1. Slider Revolution

    Slider Revolution

The aspect that immediately strikes most users about this slider plugin is the depths of every slide. Users can incorporate unlimited numbers of layers, which allows the user to stack different kinds of media content in one place, such as, images, videos, texts, shortcodes, as well as buttons and HTML content. Every given layer appears to be animated separately that makes the overall outcome truly eye-catching.

In spite of the sophistication of the relative sliders, the real creation of every slide is relatively easy. Additionally, Slider Revolution is quite a multipurpose plugin. It can be incorporated to develop image carousels, the homepage sliders, as well as one-page websites.

Thus, Slider Revolution is SEO optimized, speed optimized as well as professionally audited to oversee that it is secure.

  1. Meta Slider

    meta slider

Meta Slider is another one to make it to the list of  best WordPress slider plugins. It comes with 22 transition effects, as well as four unique themes – this is not bad for a free slider plugin, right?

Meta Slider possesses an intuitive user interface, which makes it simple to develop sliders, as well as supports drag-and-drop reordering in addition to smart image cropping. Additionally, there are easy setting fields, which allows the users to select their image dimensions (encompassing full-width mode), slider styles, as well as transition effects.

  1. SlideDeck

    SlideDeck - WordPress slider plugin

SlideDeck is by far the best WordPress slider plugins that you have come across yet. The slider plugin is available in both free and paid versions.

SlideDeck3 is packed with amazing features like,

  • Beautifully handcrafted lenses to create beautiful sliders
  • 17 different content sources to add your favourite content
  • Addons like Call-to-action, Scheduler, etc.
  • Fully responsive, SEO friendly
  • Add animation to sliders with LayerPro lens
  • 11 Ready-to-use templates
  • Lazy loading
  • Multiple navigation styles and transition effects

Therefore, this is an affordable as well as simple slider to meet all your slider requirements. Subsequently, SlideDeck is also SEO optimized, speed optimized as well as professionally audited to oversee that it is secure.

  1. Easing Slider

    easing slider

Easing slider is an eccentric free slider plugin that aids users in building and developing stylish, lightweight image slides in the simplest manner possible.

Sliders are created using the present streamlined editor that allows the user to style as well as customize the slides. Other options consist of Image dimensions (with options for full-width sliders); transition effects and duration; next and previous arrows; and the pagination icons.

Thus, to improve the slider plugin’s usability, there is a bulk image upload as well as smart image cropping functionalities.

The slider plugin’s main selling point, conversely, is performance. Thus, the slider plugin is unbelievably lightweight, as well as supports seamless CSS3 transitions, thereby having a minimal impact on the website’s load times.

  1. Royal Slider

    Royal Slider

Royal Slider plugin allows users to add any content to their slides, such as images, videos, HTML texts, and shortcodes. There is also support for the animated blocks. So that users can add as well as animate different HTML elements. For instance, animated captions.

Royal Slider also allows users to import images directly from Instagram, Flickr, and 500px accounts.

Additionally, the slider plugin is SEO friendly and fully performs. It comes with image markups, image caching, as well as lazy loading functionalities.

The developers of Royal Slider plugin pride themselves its speed, performance, in addition to stability. Therefore, it tends to deliver an excellent experience for every user, across all browsers as well as all devices.

  1. Smart Slider 3

    smart slider

Smart Slider 3 possesses every feature users can expect from any free slider plugin. Moreover, Smart Slider offers users the tool to develop YouTube as well as Vimeo slides. You can build slides from WordPress posts, and even more. It also has an entirely easy-to-use slide editor with very different layers.

  1. Smooth Slider

    smooth slider

In less than one minute, users can embed any recent post. They can categorize featured posts slider by incorporating this plugin.

Final thoughts

Website slider plugins can work in several ways, and whichever plugin you pick depends on your requirements.

Every slider plugin featuring in this article comes highly recommended; therefore, check out a few of them and choose one from the best WordPress slider plugins.

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