Social media marketing saw a huge growth accumulating 1.7 billion mobile users and also 2 billion active social media users around the world.

If you have not yet tried social media marketing strategies, do not panic. The trends of social media are not going anyplace soon.

The Biggest Social Media Trends 2017

The biggest game-changing social media trends are given below:

Social Media Marketing Trend #1: More Customer Service Chatbots

Customer care ought to be on the psyches of most organizations entering 2017. As per the Sprout Social Q2 2016 Index, in Q1 2016, the normal number of social messages requiring a reaction grew 18% year over year. This has many brands searching for approaches to building their customer benefit assets and also more are swinging to chatbots.

Messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack utilize chatbots to speak with their users. These chatbots can expand correspondence and also decrease response times to social messages needing an answer.

Here’s the way both Facebook Messenger and Slack are getting ready for the expansion in customer benefit:


Facebook Messenger

Trend #2: Paid Content Continues to Reign

There is most likely online networking algorithm make it harder for organizations to advance organic content. With the presentation of the Instagram algorithm in 2016, almost every significant social media site utilizes some kind of content special treatment.

The lion’s share of these algorithms has one straightforward purpose–to fulfill its users with the content they find in their feeds. In any case, this is making it troublesome for brands to be checked whether they entirely distribute natural social content.

Trend #3: Ephemeral Social Media Content

Ephemeral social media content alludes to the sort of content that stays alive for a brief timeframe ordinarily for a couple of minutes or up to 24 hours.

Consider Snapchat. It utilizes disappearing content sharing trend and also it is not abhorred by the users.

As of late, Instagram propelled a comparative disappearing video include and a disappearing messages highlight. The transient content and also messages will keep on growing in the following year.


Since this is the thing that individuals like. Snapchat has seen enormous development in last couple years. It is the fourth most mainstream application among 18 to 24 years olds.

Trend #4: Priority on Effective Business Features

In 2016 Instagram propelled its Business Tools include, which works in an indistinguishable vein from Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. This could mean online networking trends indicate tools improvements to address business issues.

Reporting and analytics features are just the same old thing new to the business. As per a KPMG review, 92% of C-level administrators as of now utilize information and examination for showcasing bits of knowledge. What’s more, it’s reasonable advertisers and entrepreneurs don’t stop at measuring online networking endeavors too.

A Simplify360 report discovered 36% of organizations utilize online networking examination for more than contender investigation. The opposition is just getting more grounded in the social scene, which brings about more scientific thinking and advertising.

Trend #5: Social Advertising

Interpersonal organizations are keen recently like web crawlers. They utilize algorithms customize the natural social content in light of what their users will love.

This makes it harder for organizations to have their posts seen.

This is the reason brands spend greatly on social publicizing quite a long time. As indicated by Content Marketing Institute, paid to publicize on social advertisements expanded a seemingly endless amount of time. In 2016, the social promotion income crossed $1.53 billion all through the globe.

Adobe anticipated that social media spend will cross $41 billion in 2017.

Trend #6: Move Away from Marketing Automation

Another social media marketing trend for 2017 will be with not so much marketing automation but rather more viable administration tools. After quite a long time, we witness an online networking blunder from a brand utilizing marketing automation tools.

There’s a moment that organizations begin to understand the contrast amongst effectiveness and autopilot.

That is the reason social networking automation is more probable than any time in recent memory to just transform into online networking administration. Automation feels automated, while customers need genuine, humanistic communications.

Except for chatbots, brands ought to abstain from robotizing social engagement. Rather than robotized reactions and gambling a PR fiasco, attempt these strategies:

  • Tune into Your Customers–Don’t Just Promote
  • Social Campaigns that Interact with Consumers
  • Keep away from Untimely Messages Around Current Events
  • Construct an Organic Following With Better Relationships
  • Be Personal and Give Humanistic Responses

Trend #7: Artificial Intelligence

Facebook is trying its facial lenses for mobile devices. Instagram Stories is another AI-fueled component that collected more than 100 million dynamic users in two months.

The interest in counterfeit consciousness is relied upon to triple in 2017. Facebook, Google, IBM, and also different monsters are putting intensely in AI.

LinkedIn procured Bright which utilizes machine figuring out how to offer better employments to competitors.

Counterfeit consciousness will drive online networking in 2017. We will see venture new components from other informal organizations that will help users.

As per VentureBeat, AI is basic for social media marketing. This implies you’ll see a greater amount of it in 2017. Social media will put resources into AI to remain in front of the opposition and to make their customer’s life fun and also simple.

Bottom Line

Organizations use analytics to perceive what works for their social networking efforts. They can’t abandon top to the bottom analytics. Social media sites know it and also they will show signs of improvement with business analytics later on.

Different statistics demonstrate that 92% of officials and organizations utilize analytics for showcasing bits of knowledge. Another overview detailed that 36% of organizations utilize online networking analytics.

So as to satisfy the necessities of organizations, social media sites will keep on offering better experiences to advertisers and also organizations. This implies the social media sites that don’t offer a dependable and intense analytics may dispatch theirs in 2017.