Social Media Marketing is one of the powerful marketing methods. Do you want to drive more traffic? Do you want to boost the sales of your products and also services? If YES, then social media marketing can help you reach the goal.

The main goal of any business organization is to maximize their profits. Probably, you are aiming the same thing. But how you can achieve your goal?

You have to find a way that can influence your customers. And what is that way? Well, social media can be your answer.  Social media platforms are the most powerful marketing channels where you can communicate with your customers directly. In this way, you can influence your customer’s behavior to drive traffic and sales.

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Let’s see how social media influence your customers’ behavior…

Customers nowadays depend on social media for a variety of reasons. According to the report of eMarketer, customers love to read reviews on social media sites. In addition, they follow different social media channels to stay up to date with the latest social media trends. These sorts of activities influence their buying choice.

According to a poll of PriceHouseCoppers, among 22,618 buyers almost 45% buyers said that reading reviews, comments, and posts on social media sites influence their buying decision.

Almost 44% people said that receiving promotional offers on social media sites influenced their buying behavior. There are some other sorts of social media activities that also had a great impact on customers’ behavior. For example, viewing ads and reading posts on current fashion and trends.

The poll of PriceHouseCopper also found that almost 16% buyers buying products directly from a social media platform. So customers are not only depending on social media for inspiration but also for buying from social media sites.

According to Internet Retailer Survey, almost 22% people click Facebook buy button, 7% people click Google+ buy button, and 6% people click Twitter and Pinterest buy button.

Social media engagement is now working as loyalty and endorsement. It reinforces the connection between the organizations and customers. Through these social media platforms, brands can speak with customers on an individual level. Brands can make a continuous connection with their customers which was not possible before. As a result of this lifted condition of communication, customers become a part of the brand. Instead of simply being a part of the general population. Customers are now connecting with the brands they like through organic engagement.

How Social Media Influence the Customers?

Social media sites have some common features like:

  • Customers have the capacity to create interacting accounts.
  • Users can explore the list of recommended products

So social media sites work like the outlets. It offers many opportunities to develop a closer connection with the item by a wide range of ways.

Social news and bookmarking sites have popularity in different social media groups. These sites allow the customers to discover other sites. These social media groups bringing the customers in the center of the debate. Customers are able to compare different types of products and services. Their buying decision totally depends on their product comparison.

Social Media Is Used By Powerful Brands

Many big companies like DellStar Bucks, and others use social media platforms to connect with their customers. Social media makes it easy for the brands to communicate with their customers. It helps them to market their products. So no small or big organizations want to miss this opportunity as this is the roadmap for driving more traffic.

What Influence the Customer Behavior to Drive Sales?

In 2013, Forbes and Vespoli made an analysis on 249 buyers to analyze the category of buying products and the costs of products. The result shows that purchasing choice of the customers depends on reviews. Whether they are buying costly or modest products are influenced by the opinions of their social media friends or contacts.

According to this analysis, 59% of customers used social media to get a product recommendation from their friends and contacts. This analysis supports the view that social media has a great impact on customers’ behavior. Without any doubt, social media helps to drive more traffic and also sales.

The result of this analysis paints a fascinating picture of a moving trend in social media. In which customers seem to look for a quicker model of social media. They look for a model where they can buy almost anything with a little effort!

In 2013, Ruiter, Kok, and Lehmann investigated the impact of social media on customers’ behavior.

This study showed that people responded more to the trendy news on social media as compared to the traditional news sites. Social media is an attractive tool to influence the decision making of people.


A powerful business component of social media is that it now enables customers to evaluate products and also services. It makes recommendations to contacts and also links current buys to future buys. They do it through Twitter feeds or Facebook status update.

Likewise, the use of social media presents a significant tool for organizations. Specially, in which a satisfied customer of a product and also service could recommend that item to other potential buyers.

Fundamentally, the social media world is gradually replacing product reviews and panels which were found in outlets. In this way, social media plays a major role to influence customers’ behavior to drive traffic and also sales.